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Come and join us on a glass bottom boat tour

So you want to enjoy our local marine life without going under water? Then we’d love to have you on board and we promise you’ll have an amazing time. 

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Whyalla Giant Cuttlefish
Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Giant Cuttlefish tours operate in Summer and Autumn.

The annual Giant Cuttlefish gathering near Whyalla in South Australia, is absolutely spectacular. What’s a lot less fun, is squeezing yourself into a wet suit and getting in to the freezing cold water to see them. And thanks to our glass-bottom boat tours you don’t have to! We let you stay warm and dry, and still experience one of nature’s great spectacles.

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Streaky Bay Blue Swimmer Crab
Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Blue Swimmer Crab tours operate in Autumn and Winter.

Come and enjoy the magical world of the Blue Swimmer Crabs gathering near Streaky Bay in South Australia. We let you stay dry, and still experience one of nature’s great spectacles.

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