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Blue Swimmer Crab tours operate in Summer and Autumn.

Come and enjoy the magical world of the Blue Swimmer Crabs gathering near Streaky Bay in South Australia. We let you stay dry, and still experience one of nature’s great spectacles.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Our boat has plenty of protection, but please wear ‘weather appropriate’ clothing such as, jumpers, raincoats, beanies and scarves for the cold weather and hats with lighter clothing such as t-shirts and shorts if it’s warmer weather. Remember to pack the sunscreen.


Please note: Depending on the weather you may get your feet wet while boarding the boat, so please be prepared to roll up your pants and remove your shoes. We will provide a towel to dry your feet again afterwards.


What should I bring with me?

Other than suitable clothing and footwear, you may want to bring a drink bottle and a camera to take photos.

What time should I arrive?

Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time.


Are there toilet facilities?

Yes! There are public toilets nearby.


Is there food and beverages available?

Yes! The Cuttys van is onsite, ready for you to check-in for your tour and offers a small range of locally sourced food and drinks to cater for the season.


Where do we meet in Streaky Bay?

To check in meet at the Cuttys van which will be parked near the Streaky Bay Hotel. The hotel is located on the foreshore, opposite the jetty, at the end of the main street (Bay Road).

View map of meeting location.

View meeting spot location in Google Maps.

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