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Whyalla Giant Cuttlefish
Cuttys Accessible Boat Experience

Tours operate in Winter and Autumn.

Some people snorkel or dive, but if you want all the thrills without getting your feet wet, or risking the trek down the rocks and across the stony beach our accessible boat tour is for you!
We can easily cover a lot more area along the coast to find the best congregations of sea life so you have the best possible experience.


Accessible Boat Tour

Now offering a tour with greater access. Boarding your charter along a stable jetty makes this the ideal tour for guests with mobility concerns.


The twin hull 8m boat's sea door is wide enough for a wheelchair or walker, once aboard enjoy comfortable seating for your small group tour. With a maximum number of six guests aboard, you will get a personalized service like no other, leaving you thinking you have just gone on a private tour.


Skipper, Steve Storic has a proud history of delivering first-class fishing adventures and tours in the Whyalla area. His attention to detail and vast local knowledge offers the best possible experience. Take in more scenery and local history as you cruise along the northern coastline around Point Lowly with the lighthouse in the background. Learn about Port Bonython and the Santos facility. Access all areas of the coastline that other operators and boats can't get to all the while viewing giant cuttlefish through specially designed viewing scopes.

Frequent Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Even though the boat has plenty of protection, please wear ‘weather appropriate’ clothing including warm clothes or rain jackets for cold weather, hats and sunscreen if it’s sunny.


Please note: Depending on the weather you may get wet feet boarding the boat so please be prepared to roll up your pants and remove your shoes. We will provide a towel to dry your feet again.


What should I bring with me?

Other than suitable clothing, you may want to bring a drink bottle and a camera to take photos. Nothing else is required. 

What time should I arrive?

Please aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time.


How long does it take to get there from Whyalla?

Most people can drive to the departure point comfortably in 25-30 minutes.  


How long does it take to get there from Port Augusta?

Depending on traffic, allow an hour to get there from Port Augusta. 


How do I get to the departure point?

If you are coming from Whyalla, head North (back towards Port Augusta) on the Lincoln Highway for approximately 12kms then turn right onto Port Bonython Road towards Port Bonython/Point Lowly which is clearly signed. It’s then approximately 23kms to Point Lowly. 


If you are coming from Port Augusta, Port Bonython Road will be in your left, approximately 12kms before you get to Whyalla. The signage at the turn off to Port Bonython/Point Lowly is very clear.


Please note, we have two different departure points which vary depending on weather conditions. A few kms before you reach point Lowly look for the Cuttys Tour sign and follow the big red arrows to your departure point.

If you have booked a Cuttys Accessible Cuttlefish tour, this leaves from Point Lowly only follow the Map to Point B, and find the marina boat ramp.

Departure Point A
Stony Point is a right turn roughly 21 km from the Lincoln Hwy turn off, down an unsealed road (Cuttlefish Drive) to the coast line. Be aware that Cuttlefish drive is a loop road that returns to the main road. Take the second turn off. The one that has the big brown tourism sign that says Cuttlefish dive site. (The unsealed road is usually in very good condition and can be easily driven in a regular 2WD vehicle.) At this turn off is the first our Cuttys directional signage, follow the red arrows, either turn right here to stony point or keep going to.


Departure Point B (Accessible Tour)
The Point Lowly Light house is straight ahead past Cuttlefish Drive and the SANTOS refinery, follow the sign and the loop road to the light house or the Point Lowly Marina boat ramp.

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